【Cellar No.03】MANTEN BAR yu-nagi Coffee 100g【Drip bag filter 12 included】

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Thank you for visiting BAR yu-nagi.
This page is an individual cellar for your exclusive use.
We accept orders up to 300g per person until 2023.12.19 as an exclusive stock.
100g is about 6 cups.


For more than 10 years, BAR yu-nagi has been searching for coffee to use in yu-nagi's signature cocktail, "Black Lucien". In the process, we were able to find a blend of high class coffee beans.
We were assisted by CROWD ROASTER, a coffee brand that handles high quality coffee beans from famous gardens around the world and is affiliated with renowned coffee roasters living in Japan.

This "Manten" is a blend of coffee made from 50% Esmeralda Geisha Private Collection beans. The coffee is from El Paraiso, one of the hottest farms in Colombia, and the flavors resonate with each other. We are confident that you will find this blend to be one of the best specialty coffees available, and we recommend it to you.

Two 100g x 2 bags of this blend will yield approximately 12 to 16 cups of coffee.

MANTEN BAR yu-nagi Coffee


Contents: Coffee beans 100g x 2, CR drip bag 12 bags x 1
Country of origin: Colombia / Panama
Production area: Piedamo District, Department of Cauca / Jaramillo, Kiel, Cañas Verde
Producer : Diego Samuel Bermudez / Eric Peterson
Estate : El Paraiso / Hacienda La Esmeralda
Altitude : 1700 m / 1600-1800 m
Cultivar : Castillo / Geisha
Grading : Double Anaerobic Lychee / Washed
Roast degree : ★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Flavor : Jasmine / Candy / Lychee

Blended with 50% Esmeralda Geisha

Esmeralda Farms

Manten is a blend of 50% Geisha coffee from the Hacienda La Esmeralda. The "Private Collection" is a blend of aromatic micro lots that have the unique flavor characteristics of the highlands. The process is the same as that used to produce the lots that are auctioned, so you can trust the harvest selection of perfectly ripe cherries and the production process of this high quality brand.

Geisha coffee cherries

Enjoy a blissful moment after dinner time

The El Paraiso Estate coffees used in blends have become so popular with roasters and coffee lovers around the world that they are hard to find, thanks to the ingenious selection and drying methods used to create the unique flavors that can only be experienced here. The Double Anaerobic Fermentation process is a process that involves 48 hours of anaerobic fermentation at 18°C in the cherry state, followed by another anaerobic fermentation at 19°C for 96 hours after de-pulping. The process is a time-consuming method that involves two separate anaerobic fermentations, one in the cherry and one in the parchment. When roasted shallowly, it has lychee and peach flavors with a clean citrus acidity.

Coffee Cupping

Manten" is made with two kinds of rare coffee. The fine flavors blossom one after another as the temperature changes, and the soft acidity gradually rounds out and leads to a gradual, solemnly long aftertaste. A deep and long blissful moment to be spent in a calm moment after dinner while admiring the night view. We hope that as many people as possible will taste this wonderful blend.